installing: Pyzor2, Razor and DCC


does anyone have a turotial for installing Pyzor2, Razor and DCC via Webmin/Virtualmin ?
I am talking about CentOS 6.2 (64 bit)…

Thank You


Sorry, we don’t have a tutorial for those. There does appear to be a number of tutorials on how to do that on the Net – the only thing I’d caution is that I don’t recommend enabling third party repositories system-wide on your server.

I’d recommend just downloading just the packages you need. If you need to enable a repository, I’d enable it only long enough to install the application you’re trying to install (or you could setup the “includepkgs” line in the .repo file to only pull down the packages you need).


Hi again Eric,

thank You for reply.

I understand what You mean, will think about it …