Installing Postgres 9.1

Have a need for Postgres 9.1 under Virtualmin and although there is a terrific howto at which includes brining 9.1 under webmin control…

There’s an issue…

Removing the old 8x version would remove alot of modules dependant (i.e. httpd, php). I’m sure I could hack my way through it but it would be ugly. And I don’t see postgres 9.1 in the “bleeding edge” repository.

Has anyone “been there done that” with this one?


Unfortunately, there’s no supported way to do that. On CentOS 6, the only officially supported Postgres version is 8.4 (the one that comes with it).

Is it possible to install version 9.1 next to version 8.4? If so, you could just disable the 8.4 Postgres process, and install version 9.1 onto your system in addition to 8.4. That would satisfy the dependencies.


Yes, you can install dual, might get a little “iffy” with some of the php code, but can work around that.