Installing PHP5


I uninstalled PHP5 and installed PHP4 some time ago due to problems with some scrits needing PHP4. This was before I knew that I just could disable PHP5 as described in the FAQ. If I want to install PHP5 again should i just use "yum install php*" and get all the modules or should I specify what modules to install, if so which ones is commonly needed. I have updated our scrits so the should work with PHP5 and would like to try this out. And if there still are some problems I suppose I can disable PHP5 as described in FAQ and use PHP4 until we solved the problems.

Is there some configuration that I have to do after installing PHP5?

This is on FC4 and Virtualmin Pro

Btw, how is the feature of selecting between PHP4 and PHP5 coming along.

Leif Blåfors