Installing only php7 with virtualmin

I have installed virtualmin on centos7 , and it installs php7 and php5.4 by default . I need to install some pecl softwares (i.e. oci8) but it is keep saying that php5.4 is installed and it requires php 7

When i check with command “php -v” it shows php5.4

Is there a way to remove php5.4 only from server , i have also tried command “sudo update-alternatives --set php” to change default php version but afterwards “php -v” still shows version 5.4 is installed , also tried bunch of other ways such as putting alias for php in bash profile but pecl package still detects 5.4

Is there a way to remove php5.4 or change this behaviour?

Hello m_umair69,

Have you installed using remi or rh repo php 7 ?
If you have done it that way, try to go to /opt/repo(rh)/php 7/root/usr/bin/pecl
used that pecl and install

Thank you For the help that did resolved the issue , and i did it using rh

You are most welcome