installing on VPS

I have a client with a vps running Redhat ES4. It doesn’t have up2date installed, and the host wants $$ to install it. I did have a go at manually installing yum, but that didn’t end well.

What are my options to install Virtualmin?



If you’re looking to use the script to install Virtualmin (which you should only do if you don’t have live sites at the moment), RHEL is a Grade A supported distro:

If it’s a fresh install though, you shouldn’t have any trouble at for the installation. Just go into the Download link above, grab the, run that, and you should be good to go.


I’m afraid that doesn’t work.

I have installed the necessary dependencies (manually installing with rpm) so that the install process can get yum running, however when gets to the following

INFO - Installing dependencies using command: /usr/bin/yum -y -d 2 install bind bind-utils caching-nameserver …

…in progress, please wait…
No Match for argument: bind
No Match for argument: bind-utils
No Match for argument: caching-nameserver

It fails because theres no default repo.