Installing Free Self Signed Certificate

Hi - I have a domain that i moved from hostgator to virtualmin - it has an SSL cert on it, but i dont need a paid SSL certificate for this domain, so now that I’m on virtualmin I want to change it to a free virtualmin self signed cert.

Anyway, I went to Server Configuration ->Manage SSL -> Create Self-Signed Certificate and created the self signed cert which now resides at /home/mydomain/ssl.cert & /home/mydomain/ssl.key

However, the domain is not resolving - I’m sure there must be some more steps I need to carry out to get this to work. There are four buttons on the Manage SSL page called:
Copy to Webmin
Copy to Usermin
Copy to Dovecot
Copy to Postfix

Not sure if i need to click on any of these or not.

Also, is there anything I need to change in the Server Configuration -> Change IP Address section? Currently it’s using my DO droplet ip like all my other domains - not sure if these self signed certs need a different ip or not? i guess not if it’s just generated by virtualmin? no idea how they work to be honest.

Also, do i need to delete the old SSL folder that was there from my previous SSL provider?



Hmm, it sounds like you’re seeing a DNS issue, rather than an SSL issue.

Are you able to browse your website without using SSL?

You may want to take a look at, which can tell you some info about your domain, and why DNS isn’t working.

We can provide some assistance, but if you’re seeing a DNS issue, we’d need some info about your DNS setup – and knowing the actual domain you’re using would be of great help.


thanks for help, it was actually an ioncube issue, once i figured that out i got the site going, thanks anyway.

How could this same idea be deployed for a server wide generic certificate. The example above seems to be for a specific virtual domain.

How can the above technique for installing a generic certificate be used at the full server level? How can a generic be replaced or used at the full server level? (I’ve boogered my serverwide up and need to get back to default somehow). I have the option of copying generic from another Virtualmin server.

This is really old. There’s not need to use self-signed certificates, anymore.

Let’s Encrypt is the right way to go for free SSL certificates now. There’s a tab for that in the SSL page for each Virtualmin domain, and if you’re logged in as root, you’ll also have buttons to copy certificates to various services on the system.