installing and updating

Hi guys

I have a question. But first I want to stress I am not having a problem.

When using virtualmin to do system updates, what happens if some user is uploading files or using the webmin/virtualmin, usermin consoles while the update is installing and updating?

Sorry I accidental put this in the wrong section :(, now I might get a response :).

Sorry, it’s not the section that’s the issue… it’s moreso a difficult question to answer :slight_smile:

It’s possible that performing an update at the same time a user is doing some work could interrupt their activity… but not always :slight_smile:

As a whole though, I’d probably make the assumption that performing a Webmin/Usermin restart would interrupt a file transfer that’s in progress, if that file transfer is being done in Webmin/Virtualmin/Usermin.

Doing that within Apache is a little different though, and Apache is often able to wait until all active activities are completed.


Thanks Eric

That is a help.