Installer on CentOS 7

According to install page CentOS 7 is grade A supported for installer. However, when installer runs, CentOS 7 is not mentioned as being supported. Is this a bug or just an oversight?

Get the latest Debian7 is the best OS install for me with VM, all I need to do is add to dns.

Just a oversight I guess, with another 1 thousand things they need to update here.


Sry rough day.


CentOS 7 is indeed supported by the installer, and will work great. It sounds like an oversight that it’s not listed in there though.


Just wanted to mention that after looking into it – this issue is already corrected in the most recent version of the installer in our git repository, and we will push this out soon.


Yup, CentOS 7 is indeed supported, and will work great :slight_smile: