installed virtualmin but haven't all the menu's voice how in the demo site

I have installed first webmin and after virtualmin on centos;
in the demo I noticed that virtualmin have a tab link at the top of the sidebar near the webmin’s tab;

in my case I not have this tab; I have only webmin and regards virtualmin have only a link under Webmin-> Servers;
I have so only this menu’s voice: Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL);

How can resolve?


If you didn’t use the script to install Virtualmin, I’d highly recommend doing so – that’ll save you a lot of time :slight_smile:

You can find that by going to the “Downloads” link above.

Otherwise, you would want to follow the manual installation instructions here:

It sounds like you’re missing some packages though… what you’re seeing could happen if you’re missing the Virtualmin theme.


infact theme solved thanks