Installed Scripts Info

Where is the information stored for virtual server installed scripts?

I’d like to be able to change the install path.

Let me rephrase this…

Let’s say I’ve installed Joomla at /joomla and after the Joomla site is ready to go into production and replace the old site, I move it to root. All that of course is quite easy, but let’s say for the sake of accuracy and future Joomla updates I want the “installed scripts” to reflect Joomla’s new install path. Where can I edit that information?


So long as you know what you’re getting yourself into here (as changing the path also requires changes in Joomla, and using a subdir is recommended by Virtualmin) –

You can find the script info in:


Where "NNNNNNN" is the domain ID for the domain in question.

Perfect! That did the trick.

Thanks Eric

(Note: didn’t mean to reactivate this old post - but my subscription to it had disappeared and when I reactivated it, the date changed to today)