installed phpmyadmin using virtualmin script for a specific V/server now its user has access to all virtual server databases???

Hi guys,
when logged into webmin/virtualmin as the webmin system administrator (ie has root level access),

i selected a virtual server and then installed phpmyadmin.

it gave me a user and password for the virtual server to access phpmyadmin.

when i log into phpmyadmin as the virtual server user provided during the install of phpmyadmin, i can see all databases and have all database privileges for all virtual servers on the system!!

why is this?

when one installs a script from within a Virtual Server, the term “all databases” should only refer to all databases on THAT Virtual Server…not the entire system.

Also, i note that if a senior system administrator logs into a virtual server, and then uploads files using said virtual servers own file manager, this senior administrator user/group (indeed even root user) becomes owner of any uploaded files.

Surely this should never be the case??? Shouldnt ownership be automatically assigned to the Virtual Server main administrative user (or the virtual server itself)?

Am i wrong in saying this is a fundamental flaw that needs correcting?

For example, people often contact senior administrators for support. Said admininstrator may need to access the virtual server at a high level in order to provide such assistance. if the administrator performs such tasks as the ones above, then Virtualmin appears to be giving ownership to his user…instead of the virtual server being worked on. Is this normal behaviour? Wouldnt it be better is Virtualmin automatically gave ownership to the virtual server itself regardless of who is working on files on said server?

my thoughts are that the reason why webmin has a file manager, and virtualmin has a file manager, should be so that the distinction can be made between the two by senior system administrators…ie if they are on webmin system (root level changes are made), when on virtualmin, only virtual server level changes are made. So root ownership should never be automatic when working from the virtual server tab.