Installed Packages Question

New to Virtualmin and had a question about what packages it will install if using the install script.

Looking at what is in the Virtualmin repository it seems that for some supported OSes, there are customized virtualmin packages. For example for CentOS 5.5:

there appears to be packages for httpd, mod_ssl, clamav, etc.

On the other hand for some, like Ubuntu 10.04, there only appear to be the main virtualmin package:

along with a procmail wrapper.

In such instances, does that mean that the other packages like the httpd, clamav, etc. that are in the CentOS list are all installed from the Ubuntu regular repositories?

We’re looking for a minimum of packages outside of the OS repositories so just wondering if the above is the case as Ubuntu may be preferable in that regard.


Yeah, Debian and Ubuntu require less custom packages than CentOS. Further, since CentOS 5.x is aging, you’d need to use PHP 5.2 from the bleeding edge repository for a lot of web apps to work, as many won’t work properly with the 5.1.x PHP that comes with CentOS 5.x.

So to answer your question – yes, things like Apache, ClamAV, and the like are all installed from the Ubuntu and Debian repositories, whereas on CentOS they require custom packages.


Great, thanks for the response.