Installed Modules not Starting Automatically at Reboot

I recently did a fresh install of Centos 6.2 webserver on my home server. I installed Webmin, Usernim and Virtualmin without problems. I then used Webmin to automatically install two needed modules - BIND DNS Server and ProFTPd FTP Server. Both installed just fine and I created two virtual Servers, Here’s my problem - these two modules - the only two installed by Webmin - don’t start automatically. I have to manually start them on the “System Information - Status” screen. How can correct this problem? The other servers and scripts installed before I added Virtual/Webmin auto start fine. I seem to notice this most after reboots or startup.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

HP N40L Server
8gb RAM
Centos 6.2 w/LAMP
Clipbucket, Wordpress

It is recommended to use the Virtualmin installer script on a fresh and “blank” (aside from SSH) OS, and not install modules manually. The installer will take care of everything for you. So suggestion would be to reinstall the OS and then use the installer.

That said, to auto-start services on bootup, check Webmin’s module “System / Bootup and Shutdown”.

Thanks. I’ll do a fresh install with the automatic script.