Installed Minimal Install, now I can't get Spamassassin to work

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Virtualmin version LATEST AS OF 07/27/2023

I installed and activated Spam Assassin, and it shows up under Webmin, but not under Virtualmin server area under SERVER CONFIGURATION there is no “spam and virus delivery” option…

And I do not have a junk box, I made a folder with FTP called .spam in the Maildir but it can’t sync, so I guess that’s not helping at all. I just need to get SpamAssassin working on a minimal build, without rebuilding :smiley: TY IN ADVANCE :slight_smile:

You wanted a minimal installation, and you got it.

To elaborate, this is covered in the documentation: Automated Virtualmin Installation – Virtualmin

“So, we provide an installation option, --minimal, that leaves off much of the mail processing stack. The installed components can still send and receive mail from local processes, but spam and AV scanning will need to be outsourced to a remote system (for example, a Cloudmin Services host), and several other ancillary packages will not be installed. The minimal installation type can probably operate OK with only 512MB of RAM (but more is still better).”

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