Hi All,

I just purchased Cloudmin and Virtualmin, do I download the REDHAT/CENTOS for use with Open Suse 11 too?

I would like to use OpenSuse because of the firendly interface for Xen managemenet (Yast)
Or is it just better to run a barebone CentOS5 with webmin and cloudmin installed to use Xen?



Nevermind I manage to find the answer in documentation. Grade A and other OS. Will switch to CentOS.

Thank you.


Yeah, unfortunately, there isn’t support for Suse with Virtualmin. You may be able to use Cloudmin with Suse, but I might suggest sticking with something like CentOS for that to keep things simple :slight_smile:

If you’re looking to use both Virtualmin and Cloudmin on the same box – my suggestion would be to:

  1. Install CentOS 5

  2. Run the Virtualmin installation script

  3. After Virtualmin is up and running, run the Cloudmin installation script

Have a good one,