Installation - Stuck on dependencies : wbt-virtual-server

I am trying to get Virtualmin installed on a CentOS 3 server. The installation fails with the following message:

…Unable to satisfy dependencies
Package virtualmin-base needs wbt-virtual-server, this is not available.
Installation failed: 1

Looking through the the list of packages on there is no package by that name. There is a wbm-virtual-server, and a wbt-virtual-server-theme though.

Any ideas?


Matt M.

This issue has been raised in the bug tracker; bugs #267 & #268. I am watching those bugs also. I hope this gets resolved soon. I have lost a whole day on this. No fun if I can’t even install the software I just paid for!

– Matt

Hey Matt,

I believe this was fixed last night at about 9PM. I could be wrong–I seem to have a congenital inability to get my repository update scripts working correctly (because there are now eleven repositories, with another dozen or so on the way, it has to be automated or I would spend all of my time dealing with managing the software in the repo…but somehow I manage to break my repository updates script every time I change them!).

Anyway, the problem was in the addition of the cool new theme to the default installation. I managed to list it wrong in the dependency list. I ran a successful test on CentOS 4 and SUSE 10.0 after the update last night, so I’m pretty confident the problem is resolved.