Installation on existing Dedicated Server


We already have a Dedciated Server provided to us by Fasthosts, would I be able to install ‘Virtualmin’ onto this Dedciated Server.

There are already 5 websites that are live, but I am fed up with the minimum control panel that they have supplied, am I able to install ‘Virtualmin’ without it effecting the other websites that are setup, am I going to run into any problems, such as it deleting the sites that already exist when I install ‘Virtualmin’

Any help will be great.


Well, Virtualmin is simplest to install when starting from scratch, on a fresh system.

In that scenerio, you’d use the script, which would configure all the various components of your system for you, and things would work out of the box.

That’s likely to cause problems on a live system though.

What you can do is a manual install – it’s more complex, but with some effort it can certainly work. You can see the manual install guide here:

Of course, you’d want to skip the “Partitioning” section :slight_smile:


Hey John here it is really easy to setup… just like Eric said follow the manual to the tee and it will go really smooth… and if you need any help drop me and email we will help get it going good for you…