Installation of Roundcube - Help

Hi there people,
I’m currently trying to install a local copy of Roundcube Mail.
I’ve uploaded all the files to my server and am now having a bit of difficulty setting it up.

When filling out the details for the configuration it asks for a few things:
default_host - what should i put in here? “http://localhost”? or something else?

smtp_server - again “http://localhost”? or my domain? the thing here is that i want my clients to use this and it’s part of my TLD, if i use my domain and smtp login details, will that effect my clients when sending emails?

thanks for your help in advanced!

just localhost for both parameters.

thanks for the help.
i thought that might be the case, but its always good to double check.

now, how can i make it so that my clients can log on via username@domain.tld? is that possible?



Check out, there is a how-to on CentOS 5 including Virtualmin and Roundcube there. So you know how configure roundcube (I use it myself also).

well, i believe since roundcube 0.3.0 you can write a plugin for that.
however, i did it the dirty way and hacked index.php adding lines like these before // try to log in:

if (!empty($_POST['_user'])) {
	if (strpos($_POST['_user'], '@')) {
		// user@domain.tld
		$explode = explode('@', $_POST['_user']);
		$_POST['_user'] = sprintf("%s_%s", $explode[1], $explode[0]);

(ok the code is somehow screwed up here… the em tags mean underscore _)
it basically converts the user@domain.tld format into domain.tld_user which is the user format i have. yours might be different, depending on how you configured virtualmin.

I saw this thread and thought I should mention that I was getting tons of people trying to access /roundcube and /webmail on my server and to me that means there is or was a pretty big security vulnerability in it. Does anyone know if it is still there? Because it does look pretty sweet.

there was one, yes, but it was fixed several months ago

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

I tried thunderbird this morning for IMAP email connecting to the same account as the one i use to look through roundcube.

I set the options in thunderbird to remove the emails immediately with a cleanup on exit (assuming that means any items marked for deletion will actually be removed from the server).

I logged into both RC and TB at the same time so i could see whats going on. I deleted an email in TB and refreshed the page in RC. The email I had deleted in TB was greyed out out in RC. I then closed TB and refreshed the page again in RC. The email that i had deleted in Tb had now been completely removed from the list.

So it would seem that this is a RC bug? Or do you think I could have misconfigured it during setup?

Thanks again

This is not a bug, this is how IMAP works.

When you delete an email in a local email client such as thunderbird, it will not actually be removed from the server until the client’s connection with the server is disconnected. It will instead have a flag set on the end of the name, “T”, if I recall correctly.

Ah, I just realised posted this in the completely wrong thread.
My bad.