installation issues?

installation issues?

Failed to save enabled features : The Apache module mod_actions is either not installed or not enabled.


Which distribution/version is it that you’re using there?


Sorry -

System hostname webserver05 (
Operating system Ubuntu Linux 14.04.3
Webmin version 1.760
Virtualmin version 4.18.gpl

Apache Webserver
Apache version 2.4.7

Virtualmin Virtual Servers
Version 4.18.gpl, master admin mode

I had a similar issue with changes not being saved.

It turns out that mailman requires a mailman list and save actions apparently wanted to send an e-mail vial mailrunner which failed because mailman list did not exist. Not real obvious.

I created a mailman list and then changes started to be saved.


newlist mailman email ... for list: password: (put something here)

Note: I did not set up the mail alias but I was just interested in getting things so I could start mailman.

After doing this start mailman
After starting mailman then try to save changes and see if they work.

Hope this helps.