Installation Issue - Installation Has Frozen on Command Line

Operating system: Linux
OS version: Ubuntu

I’m trying to do an installation of Virtualmin on a Linux Ubuntu VPS (digital ocean), but I’ve already installed my own LAMP stack and phpmyadmin and ended up with the virtualmin installation freezing at the "Removing nginx (if installed) before LAMP installation. " step.

I was reading that this happens due to your OS not being empty or requiring that you install only on a fresh OS.

So before giving up on using Virtualmin, I was wondering if there was any workaround or another way to install it even though I’ve already installed my LAMP stack, phpmyadmin, etc… The reason that I don’t want to delete and start from scratch is that I’ve already got too many users in my database and don’t want to start over with the whole LAMP stack installation process.

I would appreciate the support.

You should not be running the install script on that system.

Okay, just wanted to confirm that there was no other way or a workaround of some kind. Thanks again Joe for confirming this for me.

The workaround is to follow the instructions (start with a fresh OS, install Virtualmin, then do whatever other config or installation you need to do). :wink:

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Okay, so I’ve completely destroyed my last Droplet on Digital Ocean to start over with Virtualmin, but now I can’t install the SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Maybe you can help me with this thread below, Joe. Thanks again.

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