Installation hangs, and ideas?

The Installation Script hangs right after:

"Installing Virtualmin and all related packages…"

Seams that the apt-get hangs, any ideas?

I install on a freshly installed Debian 4 Virtual Machine in VirtualBox 1.5.2

Solved (after 4 days!!)

Forgot to mount the cdrom. Using apt-get manually raised the cdrom error.

Ah, yes, the cdrom repo. I’ll try (again) to get the cdrom repo disabling fixed in the next (I had it working in the past, but something changed in newer versions and broke it).

Since Virtualmin is only useful on servers, I think it’s probably safe to say that most of our users don’t even want the cdrom repo to be configured at all. Most folks don’t even have physical access to their machines for swapping discs, anyway. :wink: