Installation Error with CentOS 8 Stream


I am trying to install Virtualmin on clean installation of CentOS 8 Stream VM with 2GB RAM & 2 Processing Cores (AMD Ryzen)

I have followed the guide given at Virtualmin website, wget the scrip and then run the sh file with “root” user. However, the installation fails with following error,

[7/23] Configuring MySQL     Error: Systemd service mysqld cannot be created unless a command is given
Systemd service mysqld cannot be created unless a command is given
Cleaning up

[WARNING] The following errors occurred during installation:

  ◉ Postinstall configuration returned an error.

Can someone help and point me to right direction as what I am doing wrong? Why my installation is failing like that?

I didn’t use any extra tag, the default full installation as shown in the virtualmin website docs.



Thanks for the heads up.

This issue is known and fixed for upcoming Webmin release.

The simple work around is to manually enable and start MariaDB service:

systemctl enable mariadb
systemctl start mariadb

… and then re-run config system command:

virtualmin config-system -b LAMP

Hello Sir,

Thank you for the reply.

I think I will use a lower version of CentOS to get it running for the time being.


Update :- I got it installed in CentOS 8.3.2011 without any hiccups !! Thanks.

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