Hello everybody,

Is there a way to install Virtualmin without it installing mysql? Or is uninstalling (MySQL) after Virtualmin is installed the only way?

I think Virtualmin uses MySQL… do you have a reason for removing it? If you’re wanting a LAMP stack without Virtualmin, consider this article:

Since I got 2 servers in the data center, I thought I’d use one as a database server (MySQL) and the other as a web server (no MySQL necessary).

On the web server, I will install Virtualmin (and to conserve RAM usage, I prefer to not run the mysql daemon).

On the database server, I will install Webmin (and of course the mysql server).

Can someone confirm if Virtualmin does indeed use MySQL?

I would be interested in installing virtualmin without MySQL aswell.

Not running MySQL is easy. just disable it in Virtualmin (or use the MySQL database feature of Cloudmin Services found in any version of Cloudmin Professional to manage a central MySQL database for all of your Virtualmin servers), and turn off the service and set it to not start on boot.

If you really need to save the few MB of storage it takes on disk, you’ll need to manually uninstall it, and you may also need to uninstall the virtualmin-base package to avoid dependency errors (only on CentOS, shouldn’t be needed on Debian/Ubuntu). virtualmin-base does some setup and depends on packages, so it’s a meta-package that isn’t usually needed once the system is up and running.

Virtualmin does not use MySQL. It only manages it.