Install web-app in virtualmin host

Hi all!

I installed Virtualmin in a Ubuntu 14.04 server with hostname

I want to install ownCloud and dokuwiki in /opt directory and expose them to the internet as directory of the main domain ( and

How I must configure Apache to obtain that configuration?



The installation process of Virtualmin configures Apache to serve web apps out of /home. It’s not actually a simple process to change that, especially if you have other apps that are using /home.

My suggestion would actually be to put the apps you’re looking to use into the public_html folder for your Virtual Server in /home, which will work out of the box with no special configuration.


Thank you for your answer Eric.

No problem for dokuwiki, but for ownCloud I need secure https connection, and I read in the forum that this is a problem if I don’t have a dedicated IP address and a ssl certificate.


That’s no problem – you can just enable the “SSL Website” feature in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features.

It was at one point a requirement to have a dedicated IP for this, however, that’s not the case any longer with Apache’s SNI support, which Virtualmin can use.

So it’s possible to have multiple domains all using SSL, all on the same IP address.

And all of that will work just fine being hosted from within /home.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Thank you very much.

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