install virtualmin on linux mint

can any one help me in install virtualmin on linux mint
i download and run it but it gave me that OS not supported!
please help me


Well, technically, Linux Mint isn’t supported… you can see a list of supported OS’s here:

That said – if you took a version of Mint that’s based on a version of Ubuntu that Virtualmin supports (ie, the LTS releases) – and then you update /etc/issue so that it looks like Ubuntu, the installation should work at that point.

This isn’t something we’ve tested, but in theory it should work.


yes it is ubuntu based (not linux mint debian)
i shoud install webmin manually from " " and after that install virtualmin from instruction that explained in " " ?
it work ???

tnx :wink:

very tanks Eric. my problem solved and i install virtualmin on linux mint
i am so happy