version 3.9 and Debian Etch support

Hi all,
I’ve just rolled out a new version of, 3.9, which adds support for Debian Etch. Along-side this release, the Debian Etch software repositories have also been opened (both i386 and x86_64–this is the first time I’ve opened both simultaneously, so I’m sure one of them is broken in some way).
Debian Etch is now the recommended Debian version for Virtualmin users. It has a lot of useful improvements for virtual hosting, and Debian 3.1 had several uncomfortable limitations (specifically, the glibc was limited to 32 secondary groups per user, which wreaked havoc on our Apache security model).
Known issues on Debian (and Ubuntu, for that matter), with the new

[]Logging isn’t as pervasive as it ought to be. Many apt-get commands are not being captured to the log.[/]

[]The lack of redirection leads to a rather chattery console. It gets a little messy when the progress throbber and the apt-get output collides.[/]

[]Webmin 1.346 has been rolled out, rather hastily, to address a configuration change in the Webalizer package on Debian 4.0. The virtual-server-theme package needs to be updated to deal with new CSS classes added to this version of Webmin. This leads to a wider than normal login box. This will be fixed in a day or so.[/]


As you may note, these are all cosmetic, and so I didn’t think it worth making folks wait any longer for the release.
CentOS/RHEL users, I haven’t forgotten you! Version 5 will be supported tomorrow, if all goes well (turns out, it’s harder to support than Debian 4.0…I’m as shocked as you are).
As always, lets us know about any problems you run into by filing a bug in the bug tracker.

One more known issue:

PHP is being mis-detected during fcgi setup, so scripts aren’t working.

To fix this (while we roll up a bugfix release):

Edit /home/domain/fcgi-bin/php5.cgi for each domain and change the call to /usr/bin/php to /usr/bin/php5-cgi. Likewise for php4.cgi (if php4 is being used).