Hi all,

I’m running Fedora. One virtual host created. static ips. webmin installed. All works well.

ran (Even though, why, YES, I did see the warnings about running with existing virtual hosts) and it failed.

The message was

FATAL - Fatal Error Occurred: Failed to download

Connections up, but the file doesn’t exist. I had NO problem installing this on the first server… I REALLY don’t want to rebuild this one from the ground again. Is there an easy way to get it going?

You missed the other big warning…Fedora is not a supported OS for the GPL version of It could be, pretty easily, but I’m really, really, really hesitant to provide any encouragement for people to use Fedora on servers. It’s just a really bad idea. The lifecycle is way too short.

The OS support page is here:

It’s linked in the bottom menu on every page. The script itself will also list the systems it supports when you run it.


Seems to be working okay now with some tweaking.