EA3 is available

In concert with the release of Debian support in the installer, I’ve released version EA3 of the automated installation script.
Before I begin telling you what’s changed, I’ll say: If you have already installed, you don’t need this script! You never need to run again, once you have Virtualmin running on your system.
That said, if you do have other machines to install, or plan to buy more licenses for other machines, you’ll be happy to know that is getting better. It’s still not good, but it’s better than it was the last time you used it!
Changes since EA2f:

[]Logging mostly works now, kind of. A log appears in /root/virtualmin-install.log, which describes some of what the installer did. It still misses a lot of package manager activity, but it’ll probably give me enough information to guess at what went wrong when you write to me in the forums or in the issue tracker.[/]

[]It’s neater and more robust. It handles several error conditions a lot more gracefully. The most important being that it won’t freak out if your machine doesn’t have a fully qualified domain name. You’ll have to give it a fully qualified domain name (Postfix and Dovecot will still cause you major suffering without it, so I’m not gonna let you make the mistake of not having an FQDN, even if you really want to).[/]

[]An uninstall mode. Run the script with the “–uninstall” to remove all of the Virtualmin specific packages. It’s not a comprehensive removal of everything we install, but it does removal our licensed products and you can pretty much treat your system as a stock pre-Virtualmin system afterward.[/]

[]Rough upgrade mode added. You probably don’t want to actually use this yet, but the script will take steps to insure that the install can actually complete on a system already running Virtualmin GPL. Previously, GPL had to be moved out of the way to allow the script to succeed. Beware that if you “upgrade” a system that uses Sendmail as the MTA, you will appear to lose your virtual maps file. It’s not actually lost, but you’ll have to manually switch back to Sendmail in Virtualmin and at the system level to get it all back to sanity. In other words, don’t “upgrade” a system that uses Sendmail until I’ve had a chance to add support for such an environment. And for heaven’s sake, backup your darned system before attempting an upgrade![/]

[]It chatters a little bit less. The package managers still make a lot of noise, but there’s a lot less unnecessary stuff going on.[/]


As always, if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces. But we want to hear about it in the bug tracker.