"Install Scripts"

Is the install scripts mod only for Pro, or is it available in the free version as well?


the one described here, i do not see “Install Scripts” in the Master Admin account or anything. Wondering if its a Pro feature only


Indeed, the Install Scripts are a Pro-only feature.

You can see some of the differences between Virtualmin Pro and GPL here:


is there anyway to manually setup the install scipts without this feature. I’d love to buy pro, but since im only hosting my own personal page/blog and my guilds page and teamspeak server, wouldnt really be worth it


You can use any of the apps the Install Scripts might otherwise install, you just need to install them manually.

So, Virtualmin GPL doesn’t offer an option to install them for you, but if you wanted something like, say, Wordpress, no problem, you’d just need to install Wordpress the old fashioned way :slight_smile:


After some time searching, I found the solution.

Steps to enable Wordpress on Installer Scripts:

  • Login as root using Putty or similar
  • cd /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/scripts/
  • wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/cgilligan-share/custompress.pl
  • Then, login to Virtualmin -> Installer Scripts and there will be "Custom Wordpress" option

Note: This is a clean 3.8.1 Wordpress. It’s a little outdated, you have to update it when you first log-in to the site.