Install Scripts: WordPress Installer

It would be very good if we could also define a prefix for the database tables like it is the case when you install WordPress manually as it would increase the security if the prefix would have at least 6 more values i.e. axbyc_ instead of the standard wp_


That wouldn’t increase security. If someone has enough access to work directly on the database tables, you’re already compromised and having funny table names won’t do a thing to help.

And, you can already easily create a new database for every app, so there’s no concern about conflicts.

Joe, the point is usability and having the ability to fill out all fields in the wordpress installer is simply much more useful than having that one missing. When you install wordpress it is asking you for the prefix and you can enter a prefix i.e. one which identifies all the tables as the ones installed i.e. by your company. Pretty useful when people move to another developer. Companies already have their own identifiers in place and now with the installer it is missing. And it is not at all a headache to add that missing field to all the other ones in that form. In other words not having that field for the prefix available makes the installer script look simply incomplete and not well thought in terms of usability.

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