Install Scripts will not install SquirrelMail

I have a fresh install of Virtualmin Pro on an Ubuntu 6.0.6 server and after creating the first virtual domain, I tried to intsall SquirrelMail from the "Install Scripts" section.

I get the the folloing error:

"This script cannot be installed, as it requires PHP version 4 5."

How to I fix this?

Hmmm…maybe the Apache module needs to be re-configured. Browse to Webmin:Apache Webserver and click on Re-configure Known Modules. Check mod_php4 and uncheck mod_php5. Save it and apply the changes. Then try Virtualmin again.

the above is from and that worked for me, i was having same issue kinda

do you have any version of php installed? You probably have php5. You should check grab the latest version of SquirrelMail from chances are it will be compatible with php5.

if you still want to use the same version and install php4.5 you should login to your server through command shell and execute: sudo apt-get install php4

I believe this was actually a PHP version detection bug that has been fixed in recent versions of Virtualmin, and not specific to SquirrelMail or its version. So I think Squirrel is now installable regardless of PHP version(s) available in your Virtualmin system (and, of course, if you’ve made the switch to running under mod_fcgid with both php4 and php5 available, Virtualmin will auto-select the best version for whatever script you install).