Install Scripts - Version updates?

I couldn’t readily find a doc on how where the items in the Install Scripts list come from…

I see today that LimeSurvey is listed (great!) at 1.71+, and that there is a 1.72 on, and checking cPanel, Fantastico is at 1.72.

I am just wondering what the update mechanism is, and should I petition the Limesurvey guys to somehow notify/update something or other when they make a new stable release?

(Obviously, this specific case is a tiny one, but maybe there’s some procedural thing that we users can do to help keep Vmin as up to the moment as is prudent)

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Joe/Jamie has a script they use to make any updates to the installed script. Of course you can install a unsupported version at any time.

Yes, Jamie has written a polling script that checks the home page of each of our supported scripts every day. That said, if you notice that we do a release that doesn’t include the latest version of something and we’ve missed it by more than a day or two, let us know. Sometimes the website of the project changes and our update script fails to find a new version (and some projects just have unpredictable websites and it’s never possible to automatically find the version).

We do need to come up with a better way to distribute updates, though, since scripts are being updated nearly every day, and we only do Virtualmin virtual-server module releases every couple of weeks (3.65 is coming today or tomorrow).

Yeah, I can see that it’s a messy problem.

It may be possible to mine the News page for each product where updates are published. For LimeSurvey, it’s - It seems that 1.72 was released in October of 2008.

It may be possible to use other repositories of update information. I somewhat reluctantly suggest that the Fantastico page at might or some other tapping of the Fantastico list or the Installatron list, etc. might be helpful in knowing what to look for.

Could there be a link next to each app in the Install Apps list for reporting version number and/or the URL of the new version?


Historically, we’re usually well ahead of Fantastico in our revisions…so, I don’t think there’s anything useful to be gleaned from their website.

It looks like Jamie’s script isn’t correctly detecting LimeSurvery updates. File a bug (that’s what I mean by “let us know” when it comes to any issues like this–Jamie only monitors the bug tracker), and he can look into it.

OK, Duh. Sorry. Done.


Virtualmin 3.65 will indeed support Limesurvey 1.72.

There was a bug in my detection of new Limesurvey versions, but it is fixed now…