Install Scripts not working

I have recently begun having issues with installing scripts on virtual servers on my Virtualmin Pro machine. when I try to install a script, I recieve an error similar to the following (this is from phpMyAdmin):

Failed to install script : Download of failed : Failed to lookup IP address for

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DNS troubles. The SourceForge download site was reportedly down earlier today, but I don’t think it was DNS related, so I suspect you just need to make sure your Virtualmin system has good/reliable/fast DNS service available to it (check the values in the DNS Client module in Webmin, or look in /etc/resolv.conf).

I am not really too sure what the resolve.conf should look like. It has my domain as the search, and my ip as the nameserver. I am guessing that this is not correct, but what should it be?

Nevermind… I got it- I think. I changed the nameserver entries to my ISP’s nameservers. I left the domain entry as my domain. The script installer is now working, but if this was not correct, please let me know.

You still want localhost in the list, so that things work before resolution for new domains is working. (e.g. when you first create a domain, but before the glue record at the registrar is working, if you have in the list, you can still use the HTML editor, view the site through Webmin, etc.). And, actually, you can get by with only local DNS service, as long as the DNS server on localhost can actually resolve recursive queries (e.g. it has a root zone and will answer for zones for which it is not authoritative).


The problem was that recursive queries was dissabled.

It may not be connected, but I am now having problems logging on to my smtp using outlook. It was working just fine, but now I get the following error message:
Send test e-mail message: None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.