Install Script without removing other scripts

Yeah, that was my plan. Usually scripts don’t create new directories in the root directory, i.e. plugins are installed somewhere (deeper) else.

We can’t keep track of all the files, but we do prevent deletion of sub-directories owned by other scripts that Virtualmin knows about. See virtualmin-gpl/ at master · virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl · GitHub


That also works however all directories/files created manually would be deleted.

Probably that’s more than enough actually.

But I’m just curious, why we cannot keep track of the files?

Because they might change after the script is installed, like if it creates additional files and directories.

So sure i can try to install the WP script, but during the process, if i select Top-Level for: Install sub-directory under public_html then click install, this is my only option:

I dont get an option to “install anyway”…all the scripts seem to want to do a full clean install at the public_html directory, no mater what is already there.

Good News! I installed the Word Press script, and all three apps were unaffected(osticket, MediaWIki, phpBB)

My only feedback might be that the Install Options>Install now prompt may need to be reworded to relay the proper information? Im not sure to what, it just seems ambiguous for situations like this.

Yeah, thanks. We will fix that in the next release.

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