Install Script Question

Hi folks,

I’d firstly like to say that it’s been ages since I’ve posted to the forums in general, and I’m glad to be back! :slight_smile:

I actually forgot I had an account on here, got sidetracked with things, always intended to come back here, and eventually reset my password since I couldn’t remember it, and must say it’s awesome being back.

I wanted to get back on topic though, and I wasn’t actually sure since I haven’t used the Virtualmin forum system where to post this, so apologies in advance if I’ve chosen the wrong forum possibly.

My question though since I haven’t used Virtualmin in over three years, pertains to install scripts, and specifically I was wondering if it is possible to install AbanteCart using Virtualmin?
AbanteCart is an e-commerce tool.
If a script for that doesn’t exist, since it is open source, perhaps that might be a consideration that can be looked at adding a script for in the profession version.

I was thinking of eventually getting back into using Virtualmin, because I remember how useful even though it’s been thre plus years since I last used it, how useful it was having the ability to install applications built right into the thing, without needing to pay extra for something like Installatron, or similar installers.


Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, for those who celebrated that recently.

I look forward to hearing back from anyone who might be able to help me answer this question.

I’d try poking around a copy of Virtualmin with my screen reading technologies for myself, but presently don’t have a server up or a pro license active at this time. So I’m not sure how else I might be able to get a feel for what’s changed since I last used Virtualmin. I can’t believe I used it 6 years ago.
But it appears that’s when I set my account up here, so there we go. :slight_smile:


Howdy Keith,

Glad you’re back!

We don’t currently have an Install Script for AbanteCart, but from a brief look at their website it looks like it would be relatively easy to add one, so I’ll look into it. If it doesn’t have any weird dependencies or a hard to script installation, I’ll probably tackle it.

Most of the changes in Virtualmin in the past few years have simultaneously gone into GPL and Pro, though next year we’ll go back to rolling new features into Pro first and then merging them down into GPL after a year or two, as we used to do (our revenue has suffered since we got so gung-ho about Open Sourcing everything we do, so we’ve had to re-think that). Some highlights include chroot jail shell support, Authentic theme (which is a whole new design and UI, with loads of new web technologies supported), all new installer with a pluggable configuration system, a more complete default installation including firewall and fail2ban, a few more Install Scripts, etc.

We’ll be doing a proper product announcement of Virtualmin 7 when it arrives in another month or two. Somehow I failed to ever publish my Virtualmin 6 announcement blog post, so it kinda went by without any announcement about the big new features and stuff, except the News post in the forum.

Anyway, features-wise, Virtualmin GPL is closer to Pro than it’s ever been (since we’ve been merging features down faster than new features have been coming into Pro, and all of the new features of the past couple of years have gone into GPL at the same time as Pro), but there’s still some differences. Reseller accounts, of course, and the much larger selection of Install Scripts, being the two biggest ones. But, enjoy that similarity while it lasts, as Virtualmin 7 is bringing a bunch of new Pro-only features, so we can hopefully get the bills paid around here.

Hope this helps with your plans.