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Not sure what it takes, I reviewed the install instructions for CALCOM (an opensource CALENDLY alternative on Github), and it utilizes postgres.
Not sure if Mariadb and postgres can be installed simultaneously.
SO… long story short - is it possible to create and install script for this?
Calendly based meetings are become more and more prevalent in our digitial society.

Postgres is independent of MySQL/Mariadb. No reason you can’t install both. Virtualmin supports both.

We’re very unlikely to add an Install Script for it, though, unless and until we’re able to support container-based installs. It is a nodejs app, which is nightmare to support. The node community tends to use bleeding edge node versions unavailable in any of our supported OS repos, and they tend to use huge piles of dependencies (app installs with tens of thousands of files and hundreds of MB in size is not unusual in the node world). PostgreSQL is just another nail in the coffin of “We can’t reasonably support this app with the existing Install Scripts implementation.” Node is the real killer of dreams in this case.

But, if they have a container-based install, nothing stops you from running it in a Virtualmin system. Just proxy to it. Virtualmin has GUI support for setting up the rules, or set them up manually (Virtualmin won’t break them). That’s how we run this forum (which is a RoR app and uses PostgreSQL, but it’s in a container, so nobody cares what language/framework/database it’s using).

Thank you Joe!
That is why I posed the question - it didnt look like something that was in my wheelhouse, but thought I would throw it out and see. I appreciate the input and comments.

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