Install python3 to a Virtual server

Hi, sorry, toal newbie question:
How can I on a new virtual server install/enable python3 - without having it on all virtual servers/messing something else up on VM?

Thx a million

Just don’t do anything weird. Install the python3 packages from your OS repo. It’ll be fine.

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thx Joe!
But that will then be for whole server, correct?

Yes, but it doesn’t matter? python3 and python (or python2) are separate packages and binaries and can be installed together. They don’t conflict. If you want to use python3 just call your script with python3 (or in the shebang).

If you want a specific Python version for a specific user, use virtualenv or pipenv. That’s what they’re for.

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thank you Joe, yes, that is my fear to mess things up… your reply helps a lot! Much appreciated

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