Install on live system?

Hi :slight_smile:

I’d linke to check out the remote-api of virtualmin. For that I need to install this software of course :slight_smile:

Question now: My server is already running Web (several vhosts), Database and OX Services. Will the installation destroy this working environmat?
I read about huge changes to the Webserver-Config and its directories.

OS is debian 9, DB is mysql


I’m new to Virtualmin and in the middle of installing to try it out, but the installation instructions clearly say it needs to be installed on a fresh OS install, which strongly implies that it will either mess up your config or fail to install. (or both…)
I’m in a similar position (already have vhosts) and I’m installing on a new server. If successful, sites from the old server will be migrated. That’s a far safer way to do it!
There are plenty of providers who will let you create a virtual machine rented by the hour.