install mcrypt PHP extension


I have got my first server online but when we install the website we get an eror from the installed software -

install mcrypt PHP extension or upgrade PHP to the latest stable version

I have run - yum install php-mbstring and restart Apache.

This still shows the error.

How do i install mcrypt and enable on all servers?



Webmin > System > Software Packages

Browse YUM for php-mcrypt (should return package for your Linux distro/arch)


Webmin > System Information > Status

Restart Apache

check installation with a phpinfo.php file (Google it if you don’t know what it is)

phpinfo should now include a section for mcrypt

i have done the install ok and restarted however it still dose not show up in phpinfo() I have looked in the php.ini and there is no link to the mcrypt. I added extension=libmcrypt.dll but still no luck
Iss there anything else to be done?


Sory also tried and still nothing. Is phpmcrypt the same as libmcrypt?