Install keeps failing due to MySQL

Hey there. I have just got a newly installed server with Ubuntu 12.04. I set my hostname then went and downloaded the script located here:

I set the script to executable and ran it, it said it was stable and supported 12.04 so I went ahead… However, MySQL seems to have got itself confused…here is my final output before it died:

I attempted to configure MySQL and run it again but it just comes up with the same issue…

Won’t even let me start mysql now… why is it trying to install mysql-server and mysql-server-5.5?! :S


Both the mysql-server and mysql-server-5.5 packages should be installed – one of those is the actual MySQL database, and the other is just an Ubuntu meta package.

The issue in your case seems to be that the mysql-server-5.5 isn’t completing it’s configuration properly.

What happens if you run this command:

dpkg --configure -all

If it asks you any questions, what question(s) is it asking?


Hi Eric,

It was just asking me for the MySQL password, as it had several times before. Sadly didn’t change anything, since it was a new install I went back to look at the server image and decided to try Debian 6, and the install script worked :slight_smile: