install joomla before dns propagation

i am trying to install joomla 3.0 on my server running centos and virtualmin before dns propagation.

i uploaded the joomla files to the root directory using filezilla and then since you have to access the site via a web browser to complete the installation i logged in to virtualmin and tryed to use the preview website under services but all i get is a blank page…no joomla installation stuff at all.

is there a way to install joomla (or wordpress) on a virtual server before dns propagates?

thanks in advance,


Yup! There a few different ways to test your Joomla install before DNS is pointing at your server.

Those methods are described at the following URL, in the section titled “How do I make domains available before the DNS changes are made at the registrar”:

thanks andrey…i had read that before…

my problem is that when i am in the installation process for installing joomla when i get to the part that has to be done via the web browser (after i have uploaded all the joomla files via ftp) i login to virtualmin and choose preview website and i get a blank page…not the continuation of the joomla install like i would if the dns had propagated.

am i doing something wrong?

ok i was able to get the joomla install to start by “previewing website” and then adding index.php to the address but when i enter the info on the first page of the joomla setup and hit “next” to enter the database info nothing happens…it looks like it tries to load the next page but doesn’t.

has no one ever had to do a joomla install before dns propagation? any joomla experts out there?