Install GLPI in a subdomain


I have a small problem with the installation of GLPI, I am under CentOs 7 and I wish to have GLPI 9.4.3 on a subdomain via Webmin / VirtualMin.

I created the subdomain all right, put the GLPI folder in public_html ok, but when I run http: // myip / glpi the file index.php only appears in php as below.

[code] // Check PHP version not to have trouble
// Need to be the first step before any include
if (version_compare (PHP_VERSION, ‘5.6’) <0) {
die (‘PHP> = 5.6 required’);

use Glpi \ Event;

// Load constant GLPI
define (‘GLPI_ROOT’, DIR);
include (GLPI_ROOT. “/inc/based_config.php”);
include_once (GLPI_ROOT. “/inc/define.php”);


// If config_db does not exist -> start installation
if (! file_exists (GLPI_CONFIG_DIR. “/config_db.php”)) {
include_once (GLPI_ROOT. “/inc/autoload.function.php”);
HTML :: redirect ( “install / install.php”);
die ();

etc., I would like it to display the GLPI installation page.

I said that I already glpi installed on another subdomain and it works properly.

Thank you for your help it’s urgent… !

php version 7.2, 7.02, 5.6
Apache 2.4.6