Install fail- virtualimin - dovecot

Failed install with the following messages - please help! Fresh Ubuntu install 10.04 LTS

/usr/bin/apt-get --config-file apt.conf.noninteractive -y --force-yes install postfix postfix-pcre webmin usermin ruby libapache2-mod-ruby libxml-simple-perl libcrypt-ssleay-perl unzip zip quota failed. Error (if any): 0

Displaying the last 15 lines of /root/virtualmin-install.log to help troubleshoot this problem:
dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of virtualmin-base:
virtualmin-base depends on dovecot-common; however:
Package dovecot-common is not configured yet.
virtualmin-base depends on dovecot-imapd; however:
Package dovecot-imapd is not configured yet.
virtualmin-base depends on dovecot-pop3d; however:
Package dovecot-pop3d is not configured yet.
dpkg: error processing virtualmin-base (–configure):
dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:


The dovecot package can fail to install if “hostname -f” doesn’t return a valid name. Make sure that you have your hostname set to an FQDN such as “host.domain.tld”.

You can set that from the command line by running “hostname host.domain.tld”. Try setting your hostname, then run “hostname -f” to make sure that works… once it does, give the install another try.



I reinstalled Ubuntu and the FQDN is set to

Checked using hostname

The installer stil asks me to add a FQDN as the one it finds (above) isn’t valid

The same error then shows

The reason for this is that the hostname is not resolvable, i.e. no such domain name exists.

You should use an existing, externally resolvable hostname for your Virtualmin machine.

It is also possible to set up that domain on the Virtualmin host itself, directly through Webmin’s BIND module, and pointing the NS records at the registrar to your machine. In any case, the hostname you use for the VM machine must be resolvable.

Hi and thanks for the speedy reply. The solutions have worked and I now have Virtualmin running perfectly.

When I checked the hostname data it was very messy so I re-installed and the part that went wrong for me was during the installation.

When asked for the computer name to identify itself on the network I didn’t put the domain name originally. This led to the problems. So, putting as the computer name worked as this is resolvable.

Many thanks again!