InnoDB storage engine

Is InnoDB storage engine installed on my Server with Virtualmin Package??
If NO, Can i install it? or it may be Confilect with other Virtualmin Modules.
It’s required to host Magento e-Commerce.
Let me know, if it’s there or not?? if it’s there ,how can i enable it
Thank you

MySQL storage engines are installed as part of MySQL and it’s related packages.

Whether or not it works on your server would completely depends on your distro, and how they packaged MySQL.

Typically, though, InnoDB support works out of the box.

You can get more info here:

Of note, the above link explains that you can see what storage engines are available to you by logging into MySQL, and typing “show engines”.


You need to modify the my.cnf file to enable innodb. Comment out skip-innodb

what is the path to my.cnf file
i need to Comment out skip-innodb


The path to my.cnf depends on your distro… it’s usually either in /etc, or /etc/mysql.


I could not find
but i found
which is speed dial file,
what is the path to mysql???