initial setup question regarding virtual servers

hey all -

lets say i have a brand-new server referred to as:

and naturally i can pull up a webpage by accessing either this domain name or the IP number.

and in my httpd.conf file, i have the following:


DocumentRoot “/var/www/html”

now, i come along and install webmin and virtualmin. next, lets say i create a virtual-server and call it

next I create a very simple webpage in the new virtual-server area:


my problem is i can no longer get to the pages, only the IdiotNewbieTwo webpages.

in other words, only is visible when i refer to - and works fine.

if i create a second virtual server, it works fine too. but the “parent” domain name no longer works.

please note too that when i delete all the virtual-servers, the parent webpage starts to work again.



Yeah, once you install Virtualmin – Apache is configured to serve web pages from /home.

My recommendation would be to add a new Virtual Server for “” within Virtualmin, and then copy your website from /var/www over to the new directory that’s created for it under /home.


awesome… it worked! wish i had thought of that.

thanks! works just fine!