Increasing virtual server quota and...

I increased a virtual server quota today and… public_html was deleted !!! Without any warning!

Edit: I found its content, not the folder/dir under homes/certain_user (this user has login disabled)


Changing the quota wouldn’t cause any files to be deleted… that just runs the quota edit tools to modify the quotas for that particular user.

Something else may have occurred at a similar time though that deleted that directory… though I’m not sure what exactly that might have been.

Though, if you really think it’s related to changing the quota – try re-creating the public_html folder, put some files in it, and then try changing that user’s quota again to see if you can reproduce it.

However, changing the quota is a common thing, we haven’t heard any reports on files being deleted while doing that.


Hi Eric,

At “Edit Virtual Server” “Quotas and limits” I changed Total server quota from 1 to 2GB and Server asministrator’s quota to 1GB
I still keep the window reporting actions:
'Modifying administrator user…
Changing disk quota…
Updating Webmin user…
Saving server details…
Re-loading Webmin…

After that no web access at all:
Complete /home/name/public_html was moved to /home/name/homes/certain_user
(I have a local backup for comparison)
After I found the problem I moved and renamed back certain_user directory to public_html and all went fine again.
I guess it would be a dir /home/name/homes/certain_user at least containing .usermin and Maildir like other users (this one has login disabled)
It was replaced.

I don’t know what happend, I’m scarry about future quota upgrades

This sounds indeed very strange. I totally see no reason why Virtualmin should rename the public_html folder and move it to a user’s home when updating the quotas.

If you dare testing this again, you might want to turn on Webmin’s debug logging. It will then record all commands and actions it executes when doing stuff.

This is very strange.
I did not change anything but quotas.

I plan to let VS representative manage it.
At the time that issue happened I also have another connection to port 10000 (in other computer) as the VS admin user to see what he would be allowed to see/config/change (changing global quota is not possible).
I remember I first changed some user’s quotas from unlimited to a fixed number before changing global quotas (as VS owner)

I also don’t get how this could have influence on this matter, I just want to let you know the whole picture.

I did what you suggested and reproduced every step, including changing users mail quota from VS admin user…nothing wrong happened.

Very odd. That could not be a mistaken action by wrong clicking or something.