Increase existing license by adding a new license

I have shut down one vm server due to a rebuild and need to now increase the my already new running server VM license by 10 lics. Can this be done?
IE new server already running with a 10 user lic
New setup needed
Add 10 lics to the new running server.


Hrm, so it sounds like you’re asking if you can consolidate two “10 domain” licenses into one single product?

If that’s what you’re after, I’ll yell at Joe here, I suspect we can figure something out for you.

Yeah, that’s no problem. (And, because we’re real nice, and a second 10 domain license is more than the cost of an upgrade of a single license, we’ll just bump your license up to 50 domains, and tack on some bonus time to the license. We like for folks to get their moneys worth.)

I think I got an email from you, so I’ll follow up there with the actual details after I’ve had a chance to look up your licenses.