Increase comercial version from 10 Domain Limit to 25/50


I’m still testing Virtualmin on a dynamic IP and from what I can say i’m really excited about this, and I will change in the future from my current panels (cpanel) that i’m using to this.

The only thingy is the $ involved, because the Profit margin for a 10 Domain Server is Bellow 0 when we are talking about 1 to 8 domains for our customers (being a small business) and 2 (at least) for our own use.

I think the sub-domains need to be counted as a domain because that would be a “glitch”.

My opinion is to increase the 10 Domain limit (on the comercial version) to 25 or even 50 and push the other limits a bit forward, this is just because what we pay to renew or to aquire the initial licence it’s higher than what we possible can earn from customers with those limitations. The GPL version is ok and good for testing and manage a small company or starter company, or our own server for tests/production/deployment.

Well i read some posts about this in this forum but i belive my idea is a bit different and it will benefit all your customers and future customers.

Not saying you have high prices, but the problem is the limitation that we receive with each licence.

Think about it.

Other than that, keep up the good work, Thumbs up!
Awesome Work.