IN VPS Outgoing emails not working

i have VPS sever in hostinger and i am using Virtualmin panel , but i am unable to receve emails from others, plz help me out

Hello @banchode and welcome to the community.

If you let us know more about your system and how the DNS records for the virtual server have been configured, it will enable us to ‘help you out’. You could, at the same time, peruse recent messages posted on these forums about the same issue and its resolution.

I am curious about your chosen username. It has a certain derogatory meaning in an Indian language, are you from India by any chance?

yes, I am an indian …name is my surname which i kept .

About my problem

I am using Hostinger VPS and Centro OS 7 with Virtualmin , and i am new to software side . u can access my vps for proper configuration abt email income and outgoing , i am unable to find it i attached pic plz, u can check it …and future assits need for me.

once check and tell

Thanks for the clarification, bhai. I would be happy to assist you with this.

need solution , please help me out

Do not rely on my answer much because I know nothing but I had problem with sending and receiving email my problem might be completely different so again do not rely on my answer how ever mine was due to ssl so I went to Server configuration / SSL certificate and at the bottom of the same page there are some buttons : Copy to … copy to… copy to… I applied that to my email and every thing worked please try and let me know .

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