In Read User Mail, is there a way to Report Spam for multiple emails?

I’ve been getting a lot of spam lately, even with SpamAssassin tightened down, greylisting on, and all the rest.

I feel better when I click the Report Spam button inside the Read User Mail interface when logged into Webmin/Virtualmin.

But it’s so so many clicks, instead of easily ticking boxes of obvious spam mail that I’ve just received, I have to:

  1. click each email individually
  2. click on report spam
  3. click return to user mailbox
  4. and then for any past the first twenty emails in my box, I have to paginate back to the set I was originally on in the first step of this process (so that I'm seeing the right set of emails from my box going back in time)
  5. and repeat

I just can’t do it for all the spam emails, much as I’d love to report them!

Is there a better way I’m missing that doesn’t involve 3-4 clicks per email?

Thank you so much for your help and this fantastic server product that is Webmin/Virtualmin, it is much appreciated, I just wish it were easier to submit my many spams to the databases for the good of others :slight_smile:

Why dont you use RBL’s with Postfix? This will not remove all the spam but it should eliminate good part of that. If you want to go really ballistic on spam you can always use Sorbs as they are know to not care for big email providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, so often they IP ranges will be blacklisted. Still i need to warn you that most of them are circling their IP’s so count on small percentage of genuine emails be rejected. If you can live with this trade-off use Sorbs together with others RBL’s. This can be easily avoided if you offer contact form on your website(s) and people can actually use that rather than sending the email directly.

Next, set your Postfix to reject malformed emails, e.g. missing SPF, DKIM and rDNS are the common ones but you could expand this to more things to be checked before the email lands in your inbox.

Spamassasin is actually bad solution, and i never got good results with this software. Payed solutions like Spamexperts works great but like i said, isnt free.

Spam is evolving and changing almost on daily basis and most (all?) free solution doesnt work as they are too slow to adapt. So what you need is software what is maintained and adjusted frequently and for that you must have team of dedicated people what doesnt come for free.

as diabolico said set your Postfix to reject malformed emails, e.g. missing SPF, DKIM and your spam will go down nearly to zero - if you will get lot of it still, you can lover spam clasification from 5 ro 3.